:!: Clarity of threads and posts

To ensure, that the forum is as informative a possible, you need to follow these rules before creating threads and posts.

Use the search function to look for similar threads before creating a new one. If such an old and suitable thread already exists, you are expected to continue that post.

You need to choose a meaningful title to explain the topic in few words.

You are not allowed to create posts without a direct connection to the thread or post messages that are irrelevant to the subject.

:!: Social Interactions

You and all other users may not be insulted, harassed, persecuted, threatened, or provoked.

You are not allowed to publish reputation-damaging assertions about others, regardless of whether or not they are true.

You and all other users of this forum cannot discriminate users on the basis of:

  • Race or ethnic origin
  • Religious beliefs and outlook
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability

Any kind of insults will not be tolerated and can lead to a warning or an account suspension.

Any sort of private information regardless if it is yours or another person’s is forbidden.

:!: Forbidden content

You are not allowed to publish any kind of private communication from another person.

You are not allowed to discuss sanctions or accrued moderation warnings in public, including ticket messages.

You are not allowed to publish any kind of content which is forbidden in the games by the Terms of Use in the forum.

You are not allowed to flood the forums, create forum obstacles, or spam the forums. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Posts consisting of nothing but a single word, punctuation mark(s), or smiley(s).
  • Publishing posts or topics, in order to create confusion in the forum (forum obstacle)
  • Duplication (using repeated messages) in the same subject; duplicate content, replies/posts/topics
  • The creation of so-called "Flame" accounts to break these rules, is not permitted and may lead to a blocking of all your forum accounts.
  • The mention of illegal private servers is considered by us as an advertisement for illegal private servers and is forbidden; this can lead to the suspension of your forum account. The mention or linking of such servers will be deleted without prior warning by the moderators.

:!: Discussions about Bans

Discussions about bans in the forum, or in-game are not allowed and will be closed or deleted without comment. For questions about a ban please submit a ticket to our Customer Support.

Complaints about warnings or forum account bans should be also addressed to our Customer Support.

:!: Publish content

Publishing content created between a player and other players or gamigo Team is prohibited unless both parties agree. This applies to any contact that is not publicly available (example: Ticket Support, PM, Email, IRC Query, Messenger, Whisper Chat, TeamSpeak, etc.).

:!: CM / GM / Moderator impersonation

It is not allowed to post in the forum as an employee of gamigo and it’s subsidiaries or Moderator, if this does not correspond to the fact. This also includes “jokingly" and can lead to the block of all your forum accounts.

:!: Account Sharing / Trading

Selling and purchase of virtual items/accounts for real money are prohibited. This can lead to a permanent suspension for both sides. Furthermore, it is prohibited to post links to sites that perform such actions.

Account sharing or trading will not be tolerated as described in our Terms of Use and will result in a permanent suspension of the account for all those responsible. Here it is recommended to read the gamigo and it’s subsidiaries ToS.

:!: Bugs

You are not allowed to report bugs or errors in public – you need to report them directly to a gamigo team member or our Customer Support.

If you discover threads where bugs and errors have been reported, please also report them immediately to the moderators.

The exploitation of such bugs and/or errors can lead to the suspension of your game account.

:!: Malicious or harmful links

Users posting links to "browser bombs" that open multiple windows or pages with malicious content are permanently banned from the forums.

:!: Cheats, hacks, or trojan

Users posting links to cheat or hack programs will be penalized. If you would like to submit information about Cheats or Hacks to gamigo and it’s subsidiaries, please send them to our Customer Service. Please do not post them in the forums.

IMPORTANT:This list isn’t exhaustive, but it doesn’t mean that actions that aren't listed in these rules are automatically allowed! We ask our players to use common sense. Disciplinary measures are applied according to the situation. This also takes past offenses and the weight of the current offense into account. This means that actions that would usually only lead to a temporary ban can lead to a permanent one depending on the history of the user and the context.

These rules may be subject to changes and additions at any time. The respective changes are then immediately valid and will be enforced from this point in time.

Our Our General Terms & Conditions apply

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules, we wish you a fun experience in our Forum!