Time to Reload - Special event WG (August 31st)

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    It is time to bring out the strategic thinking! Don't let the units get dusty even in the summer and join on this very special Challenge event

    Time to reload - Special event

    Thursday, August 31st 16:00

    • Random Diamond conversion
    • Bank Capture event
    • Top value event
    • Vladimir costs 70 Diamonds
    • Oil conversion 1:1 (Ends Saturday, 19:59)
    • Gold costs -50%
    • All units Fuel -60%
    • Fixed costs -30%
    • Research time -75%

    Monday, September 4th 17:00

    • Oil conversion 1:1 (Ends Wednesday 20:59)

    All events will end on Wednesday at 23:59.

    Rewards for Bank Capture event:

    • 1st place: 350000 Diamonds
    • 2nd place: 150000 Diamonds
    • 3rd place: 90000 Diamonds

    Go on and show your expertise in strategy planning... Good luck!

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    We are happy to announce the winners from our challenge!


    1. djzak

    2. Fl0wDeX

    3. OBELIX


    1. @Le Prédateur@

    2. Fl0wDeX

    3. ✠Ƭhє ૮σяd яєαթєя✠

    Congratulations to all winners, your rewards have been added!

    See you on the Battlefield!

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