Fiery Breakthrough - Special WG event September 7th

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    Here you can find information about our upcoming special event!

    Fiery Breakthrough - Special event

    Thursday, September 7th 16:00

    • Random Diamond conversion
    • Top player event
    • All units Travel time -60%
    • Fixed costs -50%
    • Gold costs -50%
    • Research time -70%
    • Oil conversion 1:1 (Ends Friday 23:59)
    • Building time max 24h (NO HQ)
    • Building costs -50% (NO HQ)

    Monday, September 11th 17:00

    • Oil conversion 1:1 (Ends Wednesday 20:59)

    Monday, September 11th 18:00

    • Tear down Event

    All events will end on Wednesday at 23:59.

    Have a nice day and See you on the Battlefield!

    For support help, feel free to send a ticket to report any problem in the game.

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