Artillery Fire - Special WG event (September 14th)

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    It is time for a new WG exclusive challenge. Get your strategy in place and show your enemies who is the best!

    Artillery Fire - Special event

    Thursday, September 14th 16:00

    • Random Diamond conversion
    • Most Won attacks and Spies
    • All units: Travel time -60%
    • Fixed costs -50%
    • All units Fuel -50%
    • All units 1 Ammo
    • Units production time -60%
    • Research time -75%
    • Event Units as Premium
    • Oil conversion 1:1 (Ends Friday, 23:59)

    Saturday, September 16th 12:00

    • Espionage units cost -75%
    • Gold Income X10

    Tuesday, September 19th 17:00

    • Oil Conversion 1:1 (Ends Wednesday, 21:59)

    All events will end on Wednesday at 23:59.

    Rewards for Most Won attacks And Spies:

    • 1st place: 350.000 Diamonds
    • 2nd place: 150.000 Diamonds
    • 3rd place: 90.000 Diamonds

    Go on and show your expertise in strategy planning... Good luck!

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    We are happy to announce the winners of our challenge!


    1. TERROR

    2. parisglamour

    3. FrancisDrakeGeneral


    1. No eligible players.

    2. No eligible players.

    3. No eligible players.

    Congratulations to all winners, your rewards have been added!

    See you on the Battlefield!

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