[CLOSED] Dear santa... Celebrating Xmas together!

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    Holidays are a time for sharing, this is why we want you to share with us!

    We invite you to write your letter to Santa for this upcoming year and let us know all your wishes and ideas for Wargame 1942.

    Leave a comment on this thread with your letter to Santa and share all your ideas, no idea or wish is wild enough! We will select 7 random winners who will get 750 diamonds.

    When? From December 21st 2023 until January 6th 2024. Leave your letter here and help us see all your wonderful ideas and suggestions!

    We are looking forward getting all your Santa letters!

    Good luck and... See you on the Battlefield!


  • Subject: Dear Santa, Wargame 1942 Wishes and Dreams for the Upcoming Year

    Dear Santa,

    I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. As we approach the festive season, I wanted to take a moment to share my heartfelt wishes and ideas for the upcoming year, particularly concerning Wargame 1942. I've been a loyal player, and I believe there are some exciting possibilities that could enhance the gaming experience for everyone.

    Firstly, I'd like to express my gratitude for the joy and excitement that Wargame 1942 has brought into my life. The strategic challenges, the camaraderie with fellow players, and the thrill of victory have made my gaming adventures truly memorable. To make the upcoming year even more remarkable, here are a few wishes and ideas:

    1. New Features and Challenges: It would be fantastic to see the introduction of new features and challenges within the game. Perhaps new missions, events, or game modes that add an extra layer of excitement and strategy for players.
    2. Enhanced Graphics and User Interface: While the current graphics are commendable, an upgrade in visuals and user interface design could take the gaming experience to a whole new level. Immersive graphics can make battles more captivating and enjoyable.
    3. In-Game Events and Rewards: Special in-game events with unique rewards can add a refreshing dynamic to the gameplay. Seasonal events, special tournaments, or limited-time challenges could keep players engaged and motivated.

    Now, I have a specific wish regarding in-game purchases, particularly diamonds. It would be incredible if players could transfer their purchased diamonds to another server. This feature would allow for more flexibility and variety in the gaming experience, enabling players to explore different aspects of the game on multiple servers without losing their hard-earned diamonds.

    Santa, I understand that these wishes may require some magical programming and game development expertise, but I believe in the power of festive miracles. Your support in making these dreams come true would be truly appreciated by the entire Wargame 1942 community.

    Thank you, Santa, for considering my wishes. I promise to leave some extra cookies and milk for you on Christmas Eve.

    Wishing you a joyous holiday season!

    Warm regards,

    [Winston Scott, playing @ WG NL Alpha]

  • more dinner missions where win diamonds spy and attack be nice and rw1972 right the diamond package was better. :S

  • Buon Natale e Buon 2024

    a Voi ed alle vostre famiglie.

    Anche se puo sembrare impossibile.....Vogliamo tutti quanti poter vivere in un mondo giusto e senza guerre.

    Stop alle guerre politiche, di religione, di economia.....A nessuno servono queste guerre.

    Solamente ai produttori di armamenti......

    Pace e serenità a tutti.

  • Merry Christmas everyone!

    Let there be peace, joy, fun and lots of fun.

    Let the wars be only in our Desert Operations game and let the beautiful planet Earth and humanity be at peace.

    Father Christmas, may we all be healthy and willing to participate in these moments in 2024.

    Gratitude for everything!

  • Dear Santa,

    The diamond conversion is not correct.

    Same conditions and with factor 90 you get more for your diamonds as with factot 600.

    Something is wrong here.

    And we know what we will get for our diaminds, but when we chage them we get less.

    My wish is to solve this problem and make it more clear what the condiotions are.



  • Dear Santa,

    I am so glad you are able to vacation at the Maui, Hawaii beach bungalow next to ours. It is time for you to relax after your world travels giving the worlds people gifts. And Santa I hope you were able to give Gamigo's Wargame1942 the software updates that included the Diamond mine generator, that rewards players for researching the generator and only makes diamonds by active time spend on the game.

    Also, Santa the big Luau is tonight on Wailea beach and bring Mrs. Claus. And yes there will be dancing which I know you love to do.

    Thank you again for the smiles and love you bring to the world,

    Hugs to you and the Mrs,


    :thumbup: Lisa C :thumbup:

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