New Player report's system! - Important

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    We are happy to announce our new Player report system, this will be used for ALL player's reports and will make support's answer and actions more efficient and effective.

    Going forward, please submit your report directly here:

    Whenever submitting a report, be sure to follow the report guidelines:…9-How-to-report-a-player- Otherwise your report might not be attended if the information is incomplete or wrong.

    Once submitted, if all information is provided, the reported incident will be investigated as soon as possible.

    Please note that starting from TODAY 01.08.2024, reports against other players submitted via normal tickets can no longer be handled. All player reports have to be submitted via the report tool linked above.

    We appreciate your cooperation.

    See you on the battlefield!

    Your gamigo-Team

    Have a nice day and See you on the Battlefield!

    For support help, feel free to send a ticket to report any problem in the game.

    Support Ticket

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