The great fall - Special WG event (January 18th)

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    We have prepared a very special challenge event, are you ready to put your enemies to the test?

    The Great Fall - Special event

    Thursday, January 18th 16:00

    • Random Diamond conversion
    • Top player event (Points)
    • All units: Travel times -50%
    • Gold costs -50%
    • All units: Fuel -50%
    • Fixed costs -50%
    • Vladimir costs 20 Diamonds
    • Event units available
    • Oil conversion 1:1 (Ends Friday 23:59)
    • Research time -75%
    • Research costs -75%
    • Building max time 24h (NO HQ)

    Monday January 22nd 09:00

    • Oil Conversion 1:1 (Ends Wednesday 14:00)

    All events will end on Wednesday at 23:59.

    (Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the events, these might present issues or delay on their start, confirm EVERY action before completing. Support will do not refunds)

    Have a nice day and See you on the Battlefield!

    For support help, feel free to send a ticket to report any problem in the game.

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