Deadly Ambush - Special event (May 9th)

  • Commander,

    We have prepared a very special challenge event  For Wargame 1942!

    For this week, we have a very special event, with an exciting challenge and an Awesome Random Diamond conversion event. We will have winners in ALL worlds, so, take this chance and conquer all your enemies!

    Deadly Ambush - Special event

    Thursday, May 9th 16:00

    • Random Diamond conversion
    • Most Won Battles and spies (Main challenge)
    • Top event (Points)
    • Travel time -60%
    • Research time -50%
    • Premium units as normal
    • All units Fuel consumption -75%
    • Espionage gold costs -75%
    • All units Ammo -75%
    • Spy units attack X4
    • Building costs -20%
    • Oil conversion 1:1 (Ends Sunday 22:59)

    Saturday May 11th 10:00

    • Unit attack X3
    • Naval units defense x5

    Monday May 13th 14:00

    • Oil conversion 1:1

    All events will end on Wednesday at 23:59.

    (Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the events, these might present issues or delay on their start, confirm EVERY action before completing. Support will do no refunds)

    Rewards for Most won battles and spies event:

    The players from each world with the most won battles will receive:

    1. 75,000 Diamonds
    2. 30,000 Diamonds
    3. 15,000 Diamonds
    4. 7,000 Diamonds

    Have a nice day and See you on the Battlefield!

    Have a nice day and See you on the Battlefield!

    For support help, feel free to send a ticket to report any problem in the game.

    Support Ticket

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    We are happy to announce the winners of the challenge!


    1. djzak

    2. Baba Yaga

    3. Lulu la nantaise



    1. pat007super1

    2. karlott95

    3. GHASSAN66

    4. @Le Prédateur@

    Congratulations to all winners, your rewards have been added on the 16th of May!

    See you on the Battlefield!

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