New internacional war era

  • Will these new worlds, a new era of international war, have a difference in exchange rates? It is impossible for players from Brazil to buy diamonds converted into dollars and compete with countries where players receive their salaries in USD or Euros. If there is no difference in the exchange rate, dozens of players will simply abandon it.

  • Brazilian minimum wage is 254.16 euros, in Portugal, one of the lowest European minimum wages is 820.00 euros. A Brazilian player cannot participate in a world event with this discrepancy.

    Either this exchange rate difference is corrected (more diamonds/dollar) or they can consider the massive abandonment of Brazilians.

  • Exemplifying.

    For the Portuguese player to buy the package for 69.90 euros, he will spend 8.5% of the minimum wage. For the Brazilian player to buy the same package, he will use 27.5% of his salary.

    Is this discrepancy impossible!

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  • Like other products and services world wide the counties exchange rate comes into play. All companies are in business to make money and or to build their brands. If companies such as Gamigo were to discount game credits to one or more counties they would lose margin funds. As the company receives the same amount of monies from every county they offer services/ games to.

    These games are free to play. Players not buying game credits / diamond still can move up in the games ranking and win prizes and rewards.

    This may seem not fare to all counties, however if these games were not free to play there would be more dead servers.

    As the company works through the mergers, and players will have more opportunities to play these games better. Hopefully these changes will add more excitement to these games.

    I will not charge you for my comments. 8)

    :thumbup: Lisa C :thumbup:

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  • The service in question is a game and not a product. Knowing your target audience is essential to maintaining clientele. If there is no competitive condition, there is no market. Only publics with strong currency will be able to compete. If you want to pay me for advice, I'll gladly accept it.

  • The game in question is not a product that you, with a little nonsense, sell and be done with it. It is an investment that the player makes every month and therefore if the value does not bring a return, in the case of being able to compete, the player gives up. The merger is already a resource due to lack of customers, therefore the specific exchange rate for each country is essential.

  • Your points are well taken. The companies goals should be to increase players advantages at low cost world wide. We can't afford to lose any players paying or not.

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