Reeling in the Stars - Patch Notes

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    Reeling in the Stars

    Star Chart

    • Trovians have discovered the power of the stars, learning how to use the stars to empower themselves. There are 3 primary constellations which each have a special focus:
      • Constellation of Gathering – obtain the power of increased gains in harvesting and experience.
      • Constellation of Cubesly– obtain the power of improved flasks along with personal improvements in dungeons and delves.
      • Constellation of Combat – obtain more Physical and Magical damage along with improvements to critical hit chance and damage.
    • Each of the primary constellations may give bonuses associated with the other constellations, but will primarily focus on their specific area.
    • Astral Echoes, a new currency, can be found throughout the world, coming from completing dungeons and delves. Additionally, the Astral Echoes Almanac, a legendary tome, can be acquired from the More tab of the store.
    • The Crafter’s Corner in the Hub has been updated with the upper level being occupied by the Celestial and the Grand Orrery. The Grand Orrery can also be crafted at the Builder’s Crafting Workbench.
    • Starbert can be found on the roof above the Celestial and is looking to trade Trovians some of their Despoiled Divinity in exchange for Astral Echoes.
    • Interacting with the Grand Orrery opens the Star Chart, showing the constellations Trovians can empower using Celestial Spheres and Constellation Keys.
    • Celestial Spheres are used to upgrade individual stars, activating the star’s powers and allowing further progress through the constellation.
    • Constellation Keys are used to unlocking paths of the constellations as a one-time cost and may also be used to reset the entire tree (resetting and giving back all Celestial Spheres). Path unlocks are permanent and cannot be reset.
    • The Celestial is seeking the newly discovered Astral Echoes for his own reasons. He’ll exchange these Astral Echoes for Celestial Spheres and a small amount of Constellation Keys. Additional Constellation keys can be found in the More tab of the store for credits or cubits.
    • The Celestial only has a limited supply of Celestial Spheres – while the Star Chart has 120 stars that have been found, there are only enough available Celestial Spheres to empower 40 of them.
    • Urmhalit, the Unforgiven has finally been found hiding amongst the stars! Each path unlock gives a Balefire Dragon Egg Fragment – unlock the entire Star Chart to gain all the Balefire Dragon Egg Fragments needed to craft Urmhalit at the Dragon Crucible.

    Fishing Recast

    • Fishing has been recast, creating a more dynamic and active experience for players.
    • The time required to catch a fish has been drastically reduced.
    • The Crafter’s Corner in the Hub has been updated with an underground grotto being occupied by Murkwater Mark, the Pond of Power, and a grill for all these tasty new catches.
    • A new introduction for Fishing has been added to explain the new system. This can be started at Saltwater Sam in the Fishing Grotto. Murkwater Mark and the Pond of Power will be hidden until prerequisite steps of this thread are completed.
    • Accessing the Pond of Power bench opens the Depths of the Angler. Progressing through the Depths of the Angler grants some affects for boats, reveals some daily adventures, and unlocks bait recipes and effects.
    • New Fishing Lures have been added. These lures have various effects. Players can fish without a lure active, but will only catch old boots.
      • Lures are now buffs that are applied to the player. They have a number of charges equal to the number of times they can be used – one charge is used per fish caught. Lures last for up to 2 hours if not used.
      • Lures can have various effects – Quick Lures catch fish faster, Seeker Lures increase the catch rate of rarer fish, and Depth Lures increase the catch rate of trophy fish.
    • New food recipes for fish can be found at the Angler’s Grill after they are acquired from the Depths of the Angler.
    • Fish now deconstruct into Canned Fish and sometimes additional materials rather than glim. Trophy fish now deconstruct for glim.
      • Fish caught before this update have now become fermented – these fish will continue to deconstruct into their previous value. Look for the grey “Fermented Fish” text in both the item tooltip and the loot collector to identify these fish.
    • The size of fish have also been adjusted as the power from the Depths has been released in to Trove.
    • The Gathering Day bonus for fishing has been adjusted – players now receive a 20% chance to catch a bonus fish, with Patrons receiving a 40% chance to catch a bonus fish.
    • Fish have now learnt to move away from heavily fished areas and avoid club worlds entirely – as a player fishes in an area, they may reach a point where only boots can be found in the water. Moving to another area will find more fish again, and this effect will wear off over time.
    • The Popular Poptopus has also abandoned club worlds, and can now be found in a different area of Trove.
    • Fish can now appear in pools. Pools can be found in standing liquids (water, chocolate, lava, and plasma) only, not flowing liquids. Players can still fish generally in both standing and flowing liquids.
    • Several Allies can be rarely found while fishing in pools.
    • Very rarely, players who have the Mastery bubble for a specific liquid may fish up a tradable Electroytic Enthusiast Weekly, a legendary tome granting Freerange Electrolytic Crystals.
    • Being hit by enemies will now automatically cancel fishing. Additionally, fishing now requires the player stand still while casting their line, but players can still emote while fishing.
    • New fishing adventures can be acquired after they’re unlocked in Depths of the Angler. These new adventures can be acquired daily from Saltwater Sam in the Fishing Grotto, and can be consumed to begin the adventures.
    • Two new Legendary Dragons – Aquarus, the Aquarius Lord and Capricorn, Risen from the Depths have been added. Fragments for Aquarus can be found by fishing in pools. Fragments for Capricorn can be obtained from the Star Chart, Depths of the Angler, The Celestial, and Murkwater Mark. Both dragons can also be acquired from dragon effigies or from Golden Eggs found in Greater Dragon Caches.
    • The Master Angler’s Fishing Net has been added to the More tab of the store. Fishing Nets allow for catching multiple fish with a single use and may be used in any fishable liquid.
    • Many new fish can be found in the pools all over Trove. Pools can harbor the various coral, slugs, frogs, anglerfish, squids, and elementals that have collected all over Trove. Sharks have been known to frequent these gatherings.
      • New Depths fish that can only be caught using a special fishing pole that Murkwater Mark sells in the Hub.
      • A new invasive species of Turtles from the Depths can be hunted in Trove with the special Turtle Trawler fishing pole sold by Mr. Thommas Turtle, who can be found in the Hub once he’s been activated in the Pond of Power.
      • Finally, the fish of Trove have become steeped in the power released from the Depths. Fish all over Trove have increased in size and offer a new challenge to veteran anglers.
    • Several new boats, sails, and an ally have been added to the Nautical Assembler.
    • Several new fishing poles can be found while fishing in Sundered Uplands.
    • The models for some existing fish trophies have been updated to resemble the fish more closely.
    • Recipes for the Nautical Assembler, Pond of Power, and Angler’s Grill have been added.
    • Decoration recipes have been added to the Nautical Assembler.

    Additional Updates

    • Fixed a very common client crash that could occur while rendering vfx.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Big Bombs to explode in square shapes rather than a more normal blast radius. This change also optimized some interactions with collision.
    • Updated the mouse and hotbar interaction that can move items out of the hotbar in some situations.
    • The amount of lures given by the Fishing Lure Factuary (now 7) and the Fishing Lure Reed (now 3) have been adjusted due to the changes to lures.
    • The Key: Sunder-Ark Cache recipe on the Sundered Uplands workbench no longer requires glim.
    • The Depth Stepper recipes on the Delve workbench no longer require glim.
    • The Obsidian scroll recipes on the Sundered Uplands workbench no longer require glim.
    • A new merchant has been added – found in the corridor outside of Luxion/Corruxion’s lair, Mr. Charles Pinkzo has arrived to sell his entirely legitimate stock of Hart-a-Phones. These grant a pink name color to the recipient for 12 hours and will not broadcast to chat. Additionally, leaderboards have been added for Hart-a-Phones Sent and Received.
    • Made a small update to how the lasers for tiger mounts function.
    • The way gravity works while inside flowing water has been updated to be more consistent.
    • Removed a previous "fix" made to a bug found with delve XP to make it more consistent with player expectations.
    • Added a config option to allow skipping Steam while still using the steam client – this may assist with a crash that can happen specifically while running through Steam, but will disable acquiring achievements, connecting to the Workshop, and other Steam integrations. To try this config, add:


    SkipSteam = true

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