gamigoween 2022

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    The haunt is on at gamigoween headquarters!

    Join the ranks of our two factions, #TeamSpooky and #TeamScary, to help compete for the ultimate title of “THE MOST HORRIFYING TEAM”, oh and there are crawling creepy prizes as well for the team with the most entries:

    • 1 set of gaming keyboard + mouse + headset sponsored by HAVIT.

    • 1,000 euro prize money.

    • 500 euro prize money.

    • Additionally, all participants with qualifying entries from both teams will win a “gamigoween surprise” in-game item pack limited to the participating games.

    #TeamScary consisting of witches, vampires, and ghouls is well known within the fright community and will show their supreme haunting skills when they beat #TeamSpooky in the poll numbers.

    #TeamSpooky is a rag-tag group of mischievous ghosts, monsters, and skeletons that use their abilities to scream, fight, and fright their way to the top! 

    Join #TeamScary or #TeamSpooky by posting your screenshots, videos, costumes, cosplay, artwork, crafts, recipes, and/or anything creative as long as it's spooky and Fiesta Online related! 

    Find more info in our official Discord here.

    gamigo Team

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