Game Update - Version 2.3.0

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    We have implemented a new game update in all our Desert Operations servers and we have activated some improvements and changes in the game play.

    What was changed?

    1.- We have added the option to take just ONE DAY holiday, this since we know sometimes you just need a little rest to plan your strategy and prepare for success!

    You can now choose in ALL our realms from the following Holiday Options: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days and 21 days. Choose the best one for you and your war strategy.

    2.- Purchase window confirmation. Starting now, there will be a pop up window asking a confirmation before any task or action is finished with the use of Diamonds. This will allow you to avoid spending those hard won diamonds by mistake. (This change is available ONLY in the NEW Interface)

    This also means, support will NO LONGER REVOKE ANY DIAMOND FINISHED ACTIONS. Please pay attention to your game actions.

    3.- We have added a Countdown in the SMS premium service main page, this will allow you to quickly see how long the service will last and plan the next re-activation.

    4.- There will be NEW HQ LEVELS added in some our Normal/Permanent rounds! Check the HQ table to find out if new levels have been added on your realm and what awesome benefits and bonus they will give your account.

    We will continue working on making this, your game the best game for you!

    Please feel free to contact our support/CM team in case of any doubt, issue or suggestion.

    See you on the Battlefield!

    Have a nice day and See you on the Battlefield!

    For support help, feel free to send a ticket to report any problem in the game.

    Support Ticket

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