Prepare for fright-ivities during Spooktober!

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    Prepare for fright-ivities during Spooktober!

    The haunt is on at gamigoween headquarters!

    Join the ranks of our two factions, #TeamSpooky and #TeamScary, to help compete for the ultimate title of “THE MOST HORRIFYING TEAM”. There are crawling creepy prizes as well for the team with the most entries!

    Earn even more rewards with our prediction event on Discord! Head over to your game’s Discord events channel and make your prediction in the #voting-channel to cast your vote.

    Don’t forget to tune in to our special stream in which we celebrate Halloween in many of our games!

    Fiesta Online

    Aura Kingdom

    Grand Fantasia


    Fractured Online

    Fantasy Town

    Wizard101 Europe

    R.I.P. Hall of Fame

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