We are happy to introduce you to our new Forum!

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    Hello all,

    We are happy to introduce you to our new Forum! :love:

    You will find all the details regarding current events, patches, and general information. We invite you to use the forum to share your guides helping other players.

    The Forum is structured as follows:

    • Rules
    • News
    • Deals
    • Patch Notes
    • Guild Spotlight
    • Player Guides

    Join our Guide Contest! To celebrate the opening of our Forum, take the opportunity to participate now and unlock an amazing reward!


    Please keep in mind that you need to register in order to use the forum to its full extent.

    You can choose your preferred language by selecting it in the bottom section during registration.

    Already registered and wish to change your language? You can do so by selecting "Settings and Privacy" and then "General".

    Happy reading, writing, and gaming!

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