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  • Hello,

    Thank you very much for the instruction.

    But it didn't work for my login... it always says "incorrect access data"... I've been without access for close to ten hours.

    Another player I know is also experiencing the same problem.

    Have a good game

    • On you have a different inlog name:

      What that name is:

      Daily when you take/order the 20 free diamonds you get an email.

      When you look good in the email at the top/beginning from the email there can you read your mygamigo USERNAME. "You purchased the following for your gamigo account ..............."

      This name you need to log in! on .

      If you forget password here no problem you can reset.

      After resetting follow instructions as given you before.

      Hopefully this will work


    • Hello,

      I logged in to the Gamigo website with "LookiMig_xxxxx"... but I had to switch to "pt" which gives me access to the desert-operations game...

      on mygamigo (pt) the two games (DO / WG) are in the loop, they don't actually go to the game... if I enter via the game website, the same problem remains.

      I don't know what's happening... I don't know if it's the problem that was mentioned that could occur when they made the migration... I only play in BR. Thank you very much

    • On ---> MY Games ---> Which Games are listed?

    • Code
      Yes, open this page.
      I click on desert-operations and today it took me to the login space, but I still can't access my account.
      I already opened a ticket yesterday and explained everything I have done to gain access again. I asked them to let me know what will happen to my account.
      Again, thank you for your attention.